Teva Artist Series

Our studio was invited to take part in Teva's annual artist series sandal project where artists design a unique pattern for their own sandal. Our design leaned on the complexity of the sewing process through intricate geometric patterns and shapes.

Launch Event in LA

The artist series launch party we produced celebrated each artists work including us, Emily Hoy, and Leah Duncan. The centerpieces of the launch, the sandals, were displayed on tall modules made of layered wood. Each module housed a screen that played animations of each artists' pattern set behind their sandals. We also set up an area for people to make their own Teva pattern using their sewing grid on the walls of the space.


  • Creative Direction
    • Steve Hoskin
  • Art Direction & Design
    • Jolby
  • Artist Series
    • Jolby
    • Emily Hoy
    • Leah Duncan
  • Animation
    • Jolby
  • Video
    • Matthew Mixon
  • Event Production
    • Jolby
  • Build-Out
    • Beau Degeorge