"Home Is Where You Make It" Art Show


Welcome To Seaside

This is the first art show collaboration between Jolby Co-Founders Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols. "Home is Where You Make it" is an art show depicting the journey of a boy named William who, after suffering a great loss, leaves his familiar town of Seaside to discover what “home” really means inside the depths of an aging forest. Throughout this story we are introduced to a detailed world filled with odd characters, illustrious patterns, vibrant colors, and hand-rendered type. Reflecting on their recent life experiences, the “Home is Where You Make it” story has been inspired by the artists’ pasts and deals with love, hope, depression, faith, isolation, acceptance, and re-birth.The show opened in 2009 at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA.


  • Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Plush Dolls
    • Dolls for Friends
  • Soundtrack
    • Andy Roush
    • Jolby