Bitterman Salt Co.


Redefining Everyday Salt

Bitterman Salt Co. was founded by Mark Bitterman, a purveyor and one of the world's most knowledgeable people on salt. It's his belief that salt should be approachable, responsibly-made, and frequently used. Our challenge was to create a brand for Bitterman Salt Co. along with packaging that was accessible and approachable, even for the most uneducated salt buyer in a grocery store. The main logo and packaging are inspired by old-world-nautical crests, flags, shapes, and color palettes. The packaging borrows a lot from this, especially with the use of the copper diagonal line that splits the bag in two and wraps around it entirely.

Exotic Salts

Bitterman import salts from all over the world in dozens of varieties. Some salts are more accessable than others, but Bitterman didn't want to sell these salts on a large-quantity consumer level like their core salts (fleur de sel, sel gris, and flake salt.). In order to bring these exotic salts to kitchens everywhere, they decided to package them in smaller jars with a simple labeling system that didn't require as much information. The tagging system we developed is created at their labeling facilities for quicker and more efficient packing.

A Family of Fine Brands

Mark Bitterman also owns a collection of shops called The Meadow that sells a curation of fine chocolates, flowers, bitters, and salts. Having access to all of this, he began creating sub-brands, but he wanted a unified look that didn't feel like logos stemming from a corporate umbrella. To do this, we approached each brand like an old-world-crest, giving each sub-brand a base-look and allowing room for creative reach.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby
    • Mark Bitterman
  • Design
    • Jolby
  • Photography
    • Robert Woodward