Common Ground


One Step at a Time

Common Ground's products are designed to spark conversation and to inspire steps, regardless of their size, that contribute to progress. We established their brand, designed support materials and illustrated a few of their collection pieces. Common Ground's products pride themselves on exploring sensitive cultural issues and putting the wearer in a unique position of sparking conversations about them. We explored this when creating the main mark for the brand that hides a forward arrow and a pair of shoes. The brand voice we helped establish reminds the wearer to stand up for what you believe in and to make progress every single day.

Stand For Progress

The most unique thing about the graphics for their shoes is that each shoe isn't an exact match. Instead, they are paired together through color and theme in order to talk about both sides of one issue. We illustrated graphics for the Marriage Equality and Immigration shoes that abstractly depict each side of both issues.


  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Photography
    • Ashley Courter