Google Research Expo


The Concept

We were tasked with taking a year's-worth of information gathered by the Google research team and creating an inviting and fun environment for an internal Google Research Expo. The event brought the company together to learn about the year-in-data and to help teams understand how they got there and what was next. The year's theme of telling stories, learning, and gathering inspired a fire-side-chat-vibe for the expo.


The results were 8' tall posters displaying each researcher's data, icons and banners that reflected each poster's focus, a set of user brochures, stickers, shirts, and more. (Due to the sensitive nature of the content, not all work is shown.)

Mobile Mountain

Among the posters were small games each attendee could play in order to interact with the content. One game was titled “Mobile Mountain” in which people needed to solve puzzles with certain restrictions to make it to the top. We developed this set of icons for the game.


  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Google