Hopworks Urban Brewery: Packaging


The Hopworks Family of Beers

Hopworks is known for their incredible beer and wide selection of brews. Our first challenge was redesigning their entire beer line. We did this by separating each style of beer into its own family. Then, each family was given certain design restrictions so that when seen together they look cohesive.

Core Brands

Hopworks’ core beers are its standard of excellence. Their IPA, Lager, DOA, and Stout have won numerous awards all over the country. For the design of these, we went bold and relied on HUB’s core brand colors and strong type.

Hopworks Cider

We have helped Hopworks evolve over the years as they've pursued unique and experimental takes on different liquid offerings. We branded their hop-forward ciders to be as unique as their take on the product itself.

Hopworks Belgian

The most unique of all the families, we designed their Belgian ales series as an homage to vintage Belgian bottle designs. The thick lettering reminiscent of ancient Belgium was custom made.

Hopworks Imperial Beers

Their family of bold and strong imperial offerings were meant for slow sipping over long conversations with friends. We created unique labels that tasted as brave as what's inside.

Hopworks Seasonals

Their seasonal family allowed us to break out of our design mold and experiment with art takeovers that wrapped around each can. Each can was designed to pop off the shelf so they wouldn't be missed when they came back around.

Hopworks Nonstop Hef Hop

Active people drink beer too, but they don't want something full of calories or too heavy to keep them down. So, Hopworks made the Nonstop Hef Hop. The cans feature 12 different illustrated sports that are sold randomly, so each four pack is unique. The cans use a innovative printing process in order to achieve this variety.

Hopworks Gear Up IPA

From the recipe to the can artwork, every element of Gear Up IPA is meant to celebrate the majestic region that Hopworks calls home. The beer is brewed with organic malted barley from Oregon, naturally filtered water from the Bull Run Watershed, and local hops from Oregon and Washington. The label portrays abstract landscapes of the Pacific Northwest quilted-together with images of the gear required to get outside and explore the natural world.

Hopworks Limited Edition

Over the years we have produced a wide variety of labels for limited edition beer offerings. Once they were gone, they were gone for good!

  • Awards


  • Graphis Design Annual
    • Gold - Gear Up IPA Can


  • Graphis Type Competition
    • Gold - Gear Up IPA Can


  • Roseys
    • Rosey Merit Award - Packaging



  • Creative Direction
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Hopworks
    • Jolby
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby