Khun Jo's Restaurant


Fast-Casual & Family Friendly

Khun Jo's approached us to help them concept and cultivate ideas for a new Thai restaurant focused on authentic, fast-casual Thai food. We built this brand from the ground-up starting with the identity to packaging, uniforms, all the way to products for grocery.

The name Khun Jo's translates to "Mr. Jo's" with Jo himself being the father of the family-run business. That warm, friendly, family focus was weaved throughout the branding and the rest of the space.

An Authentic Thai Experience

It was important that every detail of the restaurant spoke to the authenticity of the food and the overall Thai-experience. The menus were hand-painted to look like traditional Thai restaurant signage as well as various lettering and illustrated pieces throughout the space. The whole experience was branded as a franchise for future growth in other cities with a design system that could easily be carried through other locations.

Khun Noi Fine Oriental Teas

These teas were named after Jo's wife and the name translates to "Mrs. Noi." The teas themselves are served in the restaurant and were packaged for retail. Each bag is stamped, packed, and labeled by hand.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design
    • Jolby
  • Hand-Lettering
    • Brian Kaspr
  • Photography
    • Ashley Courter