"The King's 6th Finger" Children's Book


There once was a King named Mortimer who had an obsessive compulsive disorder-er

"The King's 6th Finger" is a tale about a King named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. He has 5 towers on his castle, 5 moats around it, 5 knights on 5 horses, 5 queens, 5 servants, 5 meals... he's obsessed! Until one day, from his five-legged chair, he looks down at his hand and discovers that he's grown a 6th finger! What will he do? Initially published in softcover on Kickstarter. Hardcover published by Gingko Press.


  • Design, Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Writing
    • Rachel Coddington
    • Jolby
  • Publishing
    • Gingko Press
  • Printing
    • Brown Printing