Radly the Good Vibes Robot


The Gift of Good Vibes

Meet the latest addition to the Jolby & Friends family, Radly the Good Vibes Robot. He was created deep within the Jolby labs purely to bring good vibes to your desk.

Radly was created as a client gift and each were issued as prescribed good vibes for their work space. Using the wooden knobs, you can scroll forward and backward through his guts displaying tons of messages, drawings, his faces, and more.

Many, Many Vibes

We created over 80 original messages to be scrolled through and enjoyed throughout the year. A few of them were even personalized just for the recipient! There are too many to show, but here are our some of our favorites.


  • Design, Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Wood Cuts
    • Etch Pop
  • Photography
    • Kaitlin Emmerling
  • Video Director
    • Truen Pence
  • Video Editing
    • Evan Gutt
  • Video Music
    • Corey Warning