Ray Restaurant


Modern Israeli Cuisine

Ray celebrates Israel's diverse cultures and culinary traditions with a modern, seasonal menu imbued with a straightforward, full-flavored style. The restaurant captures the warm, bustling atmosphere of the modern Israeli dinner table that is both celebratory and inclusive. Ray was founded by chef Jenn Louis, who has earned her two nominations for the James Beard Foundation Award of Best Chef: Northwest. Jenn turned to our studio to help her bring this concept to life in Portland, OR.

Designing Ray

Immediately we wanted to make something with the sun. Not only as a symbol of Israel and the Mediterranean, but as a welcoming gesture for all who are seeking Jenn's amazing dishes and the comfort of family-style dining. The logo was largely inspired by the tile-work in Tel Aviv mixed with modern design. The "Welcome" sign in particular was Jenn's focus for her restaurant. It's something you wouldn't see anywhere in the middle east—a sign welcoming both Palestinians and Jewish people, bringing them together over food.

Words from Jenn

"Jolby was an integral part of branding and starting-up this restaurant. Their collaboration and creativity can grow a concept while remaining authentic and focused on its original intent." - Jenn Louis, Chef and Owner of Ray Restaurant


  • Creative Direction & Design
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
    • Jenn Louis
  • "Welcome" Sign Painting
    • J&S Signs
  • Photography
    • Ian Whitmore