Redesigning a Legacy

Remo is the largest drumhead company in the world. For 60 years they have led the way to enhance and expand the possibilities of percussion. Remo came to our studio to redesign and develop their presence on the web. Their site at the time was out of date and needed some fresh Jolby vibes. What we created is a site that helps drummers quickly find the products they need and lets Remo continue and grow and share their legacy.

Product Library

Remo's audience is made up of countless different types of drummers. With that in mind, creating just one experience for one type of drummer wasn't going to work. We needed to establish a way for drummers of all types to quickly find what they need. The filter system we developed helps drummers drill down easy to the heads, and content, they want.

Team Remo

Another big problem their previous site had was with properly displaying and celebrating their enormous list of famous, sponsored drummers. Remo wanted to change this and to bring individualized social content into each team member's page. The modular design of the site allows for that content to continue to be added for years to come.


We developed a series of icons for different styles of drumming, different product types, and more. Each icon helps the user visually get to what they are looking for as fast as possible.

Sound Patterns

With the thousands of drumheads and other products offered and displayed on the site, we wanted to create something unique as their backdrop. Our concept was to create sound patterns based on the idea of emanating sound waves pulsing behind each product.


  • Art Direction & Design
    • Jolby
    • Ed Rock
  • Web Development
    • Chris Forrette
    • Wess Willis
    • Sam Alexander
    • Flora Worley
    • Aaron Presley