Specialized Bikes


Specialized ANGi

Specialized transformed the bicycle helmet into a live tracking device, crash detector, and safety beacon.
We created an animation that shows off how it works.

Peter Sagan VS. Grandma Joan

Who's faster? The World's Greatest Cyclist or the World's Greatest Nana?
We created this illustration as part of a campaign that pitted the two against each other in a battle of the pedals.

Specialized Instagram & Giphy Stickers

We created a set of Instagram and Giphy Stickers for Specialized that featured some of their favorite bikes,
a few different types of riders, and our favorite—the king of the mountain.


  • Creative Direction
    • Specialized
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
  • ANGi Animation
    • Black Box Studios
  • Stickers Animation
    • Seth "Forever" Gale