OMSI Animationland Exhibit



Animationland welcomes attendees with a bright, irresistible look into an imaginary animation studio with work tables, sketches, and inspiration everywhere! Visitors become oriented to the world of storytelling through animation while learning about how animation works, the basics of the animation process, and getting to know the playful, easy-to-draw Animationland mascots. We partnered with OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) to concept and create the identity, characters, world, and animations for the exhibit.

The exhibit debuted at OMSI in 2019 and is currently touring the United States!


  • Creative Direction
    • OMSI
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
    • OMSI
  • Animation
    • Neisje Morrell
  • Photography
    • OMSI
    • Ian Whitmore
  • Exhibit Design & Fab
    • OMSI
  • Video Direction
    • Truen Pence
  • Filming
    • Hunter Hampton
  • Video Editing
    • Lucky Day