Able Brewing Equipment

Creating the Brand

Able was started by coffee professionals dedicated to creating approachable, reusable and sustainable coffee brewing equipment. What started with a new identity for the company turned into a worldwide coffee brand renown for its excellence and quality.

Able first approached our studio to help them redefine their identity within the coffee industry. Their position was simple, to create amazing products specialized for coffee enthusiasts. The mark needed to be simple and stable, with room to grow and ease of application.

Package System

The products that Able engineers and manufacturers on their own are known as some of the best in the coffee world. Not only do they exceed any coffee nerd’s needs, they are also made completely in the USA. Our concept for the design of the packaging system was to create something reminiscent of mid-century American manufacturing companies. What we ended up discovering was a strong, hard-working design system that allows each product to be unique while falling under a consistent look. Huge type calls out the product easily and efficiently and bold graphic treatments of the products show you exactly what you’re getting inside.

Various Other Products

Beyond packaging, we’ve had the chance to do some merch like posters, tees and more. The brand was set up to go far across any medium and with something so bold and graphic, it was easy to translate the look to other pieces.

E-Commerce Site

We partnered with Cuban Council to create a full ecommerce site to sell all of Able’s products through. We developed a highly customized Shopify theme for Able Brewing that helped catapult the site into the thriving online business that it is today.

  • Awards


  • Print Regional Design Annual
    • Design Award


  • Roseys
    • Merrit Award - Packaging


  • As Seen On:
    • HBO's Girls



  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design
    • Jolby
  • Printing
    • Brown Printing
    • OSI
  • Development
    • Chris Forrette
    • Chloe Weil
  • Platform
    • Shopify