Bringing the Cafes to Life

Started by an award-winning barista, Billy Wilson opened a string of Portland cafes to share exceptional coffee made by the city's most talented baristas. We created a website for the cafes that showcases each location's special vibes and offerings.

Each of Barista's locations are incredibly unique not only to their neighborhood, but each pay homage to what the space used to be. We created custom typography for each cafe to bring their vibe to life on the web. Lifestyle video was shot for desktop users and mobile/tablet-ers to explore each cafe through a gallery to help them decide which looked best for a quick coffee or spending the afternoon with a laptop.

Product Photography

To introduce Barista's products to the web, we developed a photography style that captured their products and kept their brand intact. Illustrations by Lord Blakely.

Barista Merch


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design & Typography
    • Jolby
  • Photography
    • Luke / Mallory
  • Video
    • Ian Pratt
  • Web Dev
    • Jolby
  • Product Photos
    • Jolby