Epitaph Records Website

Updating a Classic Record Label

One of the oldest punk rock record labels in the world called on us to redesign their presence on the web. We collaborated with the team at Epitaph to deliver an informative site that is rich in meta data and features unlike any record label website.

Epitaph wanted a site that primarily focused on being an aggregator for all of the content their artists are releasing both with the label and on various social media. Each column within the site is organized categorically to create consistency for the user throughout.

20 Years of Content

Epitaph has been around since in 1982 and their catelog goes deep. Users can search their entire history and find news articles, videos, albums, and products based on any of their artists both past and present.

Artist Pages

The artist pages on Epitaph needed to cater to two types of users. The first being the fans who wants to listen to the latest releases, see merch, and have easy access to tour dates. The second type of user is the press who needs the band’s bio, photos, and a logo without having to dig too deep. The result is a mini-site for each artist that acts as a one-stop-page for any related content, no matter what you were looking for.

Mobile and Tablet

Responsive techniques were used throughout the site to optimize experiences for mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. Alternate, shifting grids were used for each of these screen sizes to make elements more finger-friendly for touch devices, making things more readable and speedy on mobile devices.


  • Creative Direction
    • Brett Gurewitz
    • Epitaph
  • Art Direction & Strategy
    • Jolby
  • Design / UI / UX
    • Jolby
  • Development
    • Chris Forrette
    • Thomas Reynolds
    • Nicholas Serra
    • Nichole Barrett
    • Justin Abrahms
  • Technology
    • Django
    • ElasticSearch
    • Backbone JS