Google Stickers


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Expressing emotion can be a tricky thing – sometimes images just speak louder than words! That is why we were so excited to collaborate with Google to create animated stickers that convey that perfect level of emotion only a miserably sarcastic frog, a hulking sweetheart super hero, or a sly dashing fox could! Through development, sketching, and storyboarding, our team created three vastly different characters with their own personality traits, each with a library of emotions that reflect their own way of depicting a feeling.

Henry the Hero

Some superheroes have soft spots too! Henry is no exception, having a complex personality of brawn mixed with emotional sensitivities. The development of Henry's character focused mostly on body language since he has a fairly large and expressive stature. Playing with his sense of humor and awareness of his size, Henry's emotions are youthful and somewhat clumsy with an element of unwieldily superhuman strength!

Geoff the Frog

Ever have a friend that just constantly trolls you? You know the type: setting you up for the butt of the joke, slightly irritated most of the time, perhaps even smells like a swamp? Yep, we know Geoff too. The creation of this character was rooted in the anti-hero mentality, writing a personality who does everything against the grain for the sake of his own personal gain or even just out of hilarious pranks. Oh, Geoff...

Franky the Fox

Some folks just know how to keep their cool at all times without breaking a sweat and still look good in the process. Franky has it all: the car, the suit, the looks, and the rose he has saved just for you. There's no denying this character was developed with the classic leading man action hero in mind, expressing most of his emotions with an element of seductive eye gazing and the utmost class.


  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Animation
    • Dave Shrenk
  • Creative Direction
    • Google