Shorter name. Same friends!


In 2010 we started a design and illustration studio that we hoped would achieve three things.

A place where there was no ego, where we could collaborate on everything together, and make work that made people smile.

As we celebrate our 9th anniversary, we are proud to say we’ve created just that: a studio made up of 11 people brought together by the cosmos to solve problems, make beautiful and functional design and illustration that make someone’s day, life, or business better.

We’ve made the choice to shorten our studio’s name to simply “Jolby”. Is it because we’ve lost all of our friends? Nah, sometimes the simplest answer is the best. We’ve always been Jolby—once a nickname for our partners that today represents everyone that has ever been a part of our studio and all of our milestones. A name that stands for supportive, playful, enthusiastic people filled with possibility.

We also updated our wordmark and Treeheart, both of which are simpler and bolder. The new wordmark is based on how we used to sign our art prints when we started the studio 9 years ago. The Treeheart has been a part of our studio from the beginning and represents our love for the Pacific Northwest and our shared optimism.

Jolby is proud to be a design and illustration studio that makes for the better. You can find us in our new office space on NE Sandy in the creative New New Crusher Court. Stop into our small retail shop for some Jolby goods or just to say hey!

Your friends,