Melody Coffee


Rhythm in Flight

Melody Coffee is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster in California in pursuit of the perfect cup. Our rebrand, packaging, and website redefined the company and helped launch them into larger retail markets.

The Packaging

Our packaging concept was simple: to lead with distinct colors and simplify the coffee’s information for the consumer. Depending on the region, each coffee had a different color-coded tag that was perforated for collecting your favorite roast. The entire system was created for flexibility depending on which coffees Melody was roasting at the time and from which region or category. We designed a set of informational stamps to help add the hand-packaged look to the final bag.

A New Way to Buy Coffee

Melody prides themselves on roasting and tasting until they have created a flavor profile that truly exhibits the quality of the seed. We thought of continuing this through their website by featuring the coffees by flavor instead of by region.

  • Awards


  • Roseys
    • Rosey Award - Identity


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • ​Jolby
  • Design
    • Jolby
  • Web Dev
    • ​Ian Whitmore
  • Photography
    • ​Ian Whitmore