Netop Vision


Helping Teachers Manage their Classrooms

In the era of digital learning laptops have overthrown traditional pencil and paper, leaving teachers with a lot more to manage. Netop Vision is software that allows teachers to monitor their student's screens and helps keep their classroom on track. We worked with Netop to create an explainer video that introduces the software and details its unique product features.

Planning the Flow

The product is simple to use, so the animation needed to be just as simple. We storyboarded the motion first in rough wireframes that detailed the flow and worked with Netop to ensure we were best representing the software's functionality.

Shareable Segments

The final animation was broken up into each of the four segments detailing their functionality. These were easily shareable for explainer posts and for their sales department.


  • AD, Illustration, Motion
    • Jolby
  • Voice Over
    • Brad Hayes