Pink Rabbit


Bloodbuzz Oregon

Beverage pioneers Tyler Stevens and Billy Hasson wanted to open a bar filled with psychedelic visuals that permeated from the 1970s. We created a brand, menu, and bar interior that welcomed wasteland wanderers and curious cocktail connoisseurs to imbibe on Portland’s best at Pink Rabbit.

The Menu

Pink Rabbit's menu was created in a really awesome way—each type piece was made to look like how the drink would taste, inspiring people to follow their eyes into what to order instead of looking at the ingredients. All of the cocktail names were inspired by song titles and lyrics from The National.


  • CD, AD, Design
    • Jolby
  • Interior Painting
    • Brian Kaspr
    • Flat Vernacular
  • Photography
    • Ian "French Kiss" Whitmore
    • Jeff Morgenthaler