Pluralsite Chicago Mural


The Chicago Side

We partnered with Roundhouse Agency to create a mural for Pluralsite, an expert-led tech and creative training site that helps people master their craft. The 48-foot-long mural was installed in their Chicago office and was split into two halfs: one representing the city of Chicago and the other the nearby suburb of Schaumburg.

Each side of the mural is packed with what Pluralsite loves about each city, inside jokes, and places/things each city is known for. In Chicago, we hid references to the Blues Brothers, Second City, The Bulls, the Blackhawks, John Hughes, the Twinkie, and much more.

Shaumburg Side

The other half of the mural contains references to Medieval Times, Waynes World, The Cubs, The Cable Guy, Eagle Man, Harry Caray, Home Alone, and tons more.


  • Art & Creative Direction
    • Roundhouse
  • Illustration
    • Jolby