Puppet Conf 2015


Elevate Yourself, Your Team, Your Future

Puppet Conf is an annual event that brings together super users, fans, and experts of Puppet Labs software. For five days they come together to learn, hack, build, and experience everything Puppet Labs. We built the brand experience, created asset libraries, memorable swag, and constructed a space lounge—all for PuppetConf 2015. Puppet Labs supplied us with an overall theme for the conference: Elevate.

Throughout the conference we focused on the feeling of “elevate”. Rather than simply creating a mark or logo and applying it throughout the space, we wanted attendees to have the feeling of elevation in everything from the environmental space to the printed materials. Attendees registered at Mission Control and jettisoned throughout the conference into areas designed to feel like they were in space.

Conference Style Guide

The conference lasted over the course of an entire week and was spread out over multiple locations across Portland. We worked with Puppet Labs’ internal design team to create a conference style guide for teams to use in order to create a consistent look and feel while hitting independent deadlines. The 70 page guide contained the do’s and don’ts on using color, customizing typography, an illustration library, signage templates, and more.

Memorable Swag

Creating memorable and collectable swag is one of our favorite parts of designing for a conference—especially the name badges. Our biggest challenge was that an info card needed to be placed inside of the badge with all of the attendee's info on it. Our design solution was to create a badge that would hold the card, but not compromise the design itself.

Designing an Experience

Covering a multi-location conference that had its HQ at a huge convention center was no easy task. We worked with Puppet Labs' team to create way finding signage, maps, small and large signs, window clings, escalator wraps, booth coverings, banners, cards, and much more. each informational piece was designed to be easy to read and identify as well as keep the attendees moving to where they needed to be. The larger, more graphic pieces were designed to keep everyone looking up into space.

A Place for Head Space

We created a space for attendees in-between the two biggest areas of the conference to relax, get some work done, or even take a nap. On the ground were six canvas domes filled with chairs and bean bags. Suspended above was a rig that held custom-built wooden hedrons that we projected color and animations onto to give the attendees a greater sense that they were floating through space. Smaller hedrons were split on the ground as well as projected patterns. To complete the experience, we played ambient audio that turned this hallway from just another area into a space that made you feel like you were in a completely different part of the universe.

Elevated Asset Library

Along with the design assets, a library of illustrated assets were created to help accent conference materials and the overall theme. Puppetnauts were created to represent the attendees and they were paired with Puppetbots to show their collaboration with technology. Various space assets were also created along with miscellaneous patterns used throughout the conference.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby
  • Design
    • Jolby
    • Puppet Labs
  • Illustration, Motion
    • Jolby
  • Photography & Video
    • Robert Woodward
  • Lighting & Rigging
    • Steve Harper
  • Fabrication
    • Rob Off
    • Forge Graphics
    • DDW
    • Escape Collective