Let's Get Weird

Our studio was approached by stoke-enthusiasts Sanuk Footwear to help them redefine their presence and visual personality. We were tasked with taking their new mission and key company pillars to invent a visual voice that would re-launch them onto feet everywhere. Our approach was a high-level concept that also broke down easily into their product seasons. We wanted to create a fun landscape that could tell an entire journey to someone’s happy place using photos, illustrations, surprises, and smiles.

Art Package

This new visual voice was made up of many different pieces and because their vision was art before advertising we needed to create a lot of moveable assets. We assembled these into an art package making it easy to “Sanukify” anything from a social post to a billboard. When we started, Sanuk was 6 months behind their current season. By making hundreds of independent pieces from custom type, to containers, and drawings, we enabled the team to easily pull off hundreds of deliverables very quickly.

Sanuk-ified Photography

The photos we captured were the b-roll of what happens inbetween takes: crazy faces, unexpected moments, and genuine fun. This allowed us to get natural stoke and happy vibes from everyone in front of the camera. We use some photos as art assets, so they were taken with the intention of being chopped up and used in a fun way along with other photos to tell a larger story.

Creating the Overall Style

Our challenge with all of the art assets was to tell stories through cut-and paste, a style that Sanuk used very well in their previous marketing. We didn’t just want to do what they had done in the past. So, we created our own version of this style. Through color, pattern, photos, and by focusing on a journey to your happy place, each piece came to life.

In-Store Retail

2017 was the year of putting new make-up on their retail presence and we rolled out this new look easily over hundreds of their retail partners. The new fixtures, graphics, and videos made Sanuk stand out like they hadn’t in a long time.

Trade Shows & Internal Conferences

Part of each season's launch was taking these captured journeys to a grand scale. We rolled out everything across trade show booths to large internal conferences that introduced the new season’s look and products company-wide.

Digital Retail

After creating the art packages, we were able to easily work alongside their internal design team and media buyers to figure out what was the best use of type of art and product that would both show what Sanuk was going to stand for and their products. On launch day of their new look, Sanuk’s site sales were up 28% YoY.


  • Creative Direction
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Sanuk
    • Jolby
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby
    • Sanuk
  • Animation
    • Jolby
  • Photography
    • Shaun Daley
    • Ben Werth
    • Adam Walker
    • Ian Whitmore
  • Video
    • Matt Mixon
  • Styling & Wardrobe
    • Kira Sheppard
  • Good Vibes
    • Biggie Smiles