Secret Society Of Friends


Secret Society of Friends

At the beginning of 2017 we started a not-so-secret-anymore-secret-society called The Secret Society of Friends as a way to reward our clients for riding the weird with us. Over the course of an entire year we sent cryptic messages and visual treats that lead to a big bash just for them. It all started with this special pin that came with a cryptic message, and then a language to decode future messages, followed by visuals that explained the pillars of The Secret Society of Friends.

The Release Party

All of the clues throughout the year led our clients to a private release party where they received a unique gift: a record made just for them featuring music from our friend Metavari that captured the sounds of our Secret Society. We cheered, hugged, and teared-up over a long and fortuitous year of partnership!


  • Photography
    • Ian "The Fist" Whitmore
  • Secret Society Record Music
    • Metavari
  • Everything Else
    • Jolby