Verizon Holiday Mode


Building a Narrative

We joined an awesome roster of artists who created short animations in collaboration with W+K for Verizon's Holiday Mode campaign. The animations were posted to people's social media feeds to let their friends and family know they were away for the holidays.

Our main character has just put away a big helping of turkey and he's locked into a deep slumber. He's warm in a holiday sweater and has plopped himself deep into his favorite chair. His pup by his side and his phone on his tummy, nothing's gonna wake him up! Then, Carl starts to bug our dude. What the heck Carl! Our phone is in Holiday Mode, you need to chill.

How it Lived

During the holidays, people were able to visit, choose their desired away message, and post it to their social feeds to let their "Carls" know to relax.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • W+K
  • Illustration & Motion
    • Jolby