The World Domination Summit


5 Years of the World Domination Summit

Founded by Chris Guillebeau, The World Domination Summit is a gathering of creative and unique people from all over the world. Every summer, thousands of WDSers travel to Portland, Oregon for an immersive experience in life, work, and travel.

World Domination Summit revolves around three key themes; Community, Adventure, and Service. We embraced these themes and created a fun, approachable and ever-evolving brand for each year of WDS. From 2013 to 2017 we created countless swag, conference notebooks, on-stage animations, unique badges, and more.

Years of Badges

Each year's badge was made from a unique material and were customizable. Year 2's badges were all hand-painted by lettering artist Brian Kaspr and year 3's were decorated with collectable stickers by each attendee throughout the weekend.

Conference Guidebooks

We developed multiple books for each year that detailed all of the happenings for the weekend. Year 2 introduced a 64 page workbook filled with stories from the past WDS years, information about the current year, and a space for notes per-speaker for those unforgettable quotes.

Conference Collectables

A look at the attendee and volunteer tees and all of the misc. conference collectables we designed and produced over the years.

Challenge Center

We concepted, produced, and ran the WDS Challenge Center, a mobile and ever-traveling game where attendees are challenged to do something kind for a stranger in 48 hours. Completing a challenge gave them a gold coin sticker for their badge and helped us reach our goal of over 1000 acts of kindness! Each attendee received a custom "Be Kind" coin that was used to choose their assignment at the center.

5 Years of Portraits

Portraits were illustrated for each member of the core WDS team and for each speaker throughout all of the years. These were used primarily in the guidebooks and in each speaker's intro animation.

WDS Local

Branding for WDS Local chapters that ran in between each conference and kept their community connected up until the next conference!

The WDS Website

The WDS website was built as a repository for all of WDS's memories and as a way to attract new attendees toward the WDS experience.

Stage Experience

Each year's stage experience built on the previous year while adding something new. We created all of the on-screen animations including interstitials, speaker intros, and various branding-shmoo that ran in the background.


  • Creative Direction
    • Jolby
  • Art Direction
    • Isaac Watson
  • Design, Illustration
    • Jolby
  • Printing
    • Forge Graphics
    • Brown Printing
    • PVS
  • Conference Production
    • Rob Off
    • Steve Harper
  • Development
    • Nicky Hajal
  • Photography & Video
    • Armosa Studios
  • Stage Animations
    • Jolby
  • Hand-Painted Badges & Mural
    • Brian Kaspr