XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independently-produced art and technology. We were hired to design the materials for the conference and to help shape the overall look of the entire weekend.

This year's theme didn't have one central graphic that represented the conference as a whole. Instead, a handful of designs were created under the theme of "deconstruction" to visualize the weekend. Most of the attendees and speakers who frequent the event are inventors and pioneers in their field who take something apart before putting it back together in their own way. To create the visuals we broke apart pieces of the design and approached the event from a different perspective than we've worked in the past.

Badges & Materials

The Andys, creators of XOXO, wanted us to make something unique and memorable for the badges that acted as a reminder of the weekend. We think that the name badge is one of the most important pieces of any conference and we wanted to make something that was both challenging and different. Our concept was to create a 2-piece badge that when separated revealed extra information, but still hung neatly in place around the necks of attendees. Our studio also Art Directed a handful of talented artists and designers to assist in creating the materials for the conference.

Outdoor Signage

The theme of the event carried through the exterior to tie everything, and everyone, together in a large commonspace area for attendees. A graphic from the materials was painted on the side of the event's headquarters and large geometric pieces of wood were spraypainted, screen printed, hand-lettered, and scattered as way-finding throughout the block.


  • Creative Direction
    • Andy Baio
    • Andy McMillain
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby
    • Andy Baio
    • Andy McMillain
  • Design
    • Jolby
    • Adam Garcia
    • Erik Marinovich
    • Richard Perez
  • Mural & Painting
    • Erik Marinovich
    • Colt Bowden
  • Photography
    • Ian Linkletter
    • Duncan Robson
    • James Koole
  • Conference Production
    • Forge
    • Jolby