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Sanuk Footwear

Welcome to the world of Sanuk—an unconventional cult brand on a fun, comfy, inventive quest to make your feet smile and put a grin on your chin. Jolby acts as Sanuk’s out-of-house in-house design department. Any creative done to create, launch, and promote Sanuk or their products goes through Jolby!

Welcome to the journey to your happy place.


Design & Illustration
Animation & Video
Product Design

Capturing the Journey

We’ve planned and pulled off dozens of photoshoots for Sanuk whether they are somewhere magical or in-studio. Most of our shoots involve photographing hundreds of products across multiple locations while juggling dozens of athletes and models.

Product Launch Videos

We design, create and produce product launch videos to bring smiles to the world.

Sanuk grateful dead product launch

Sanuk x Grateful Dead

A highlight of the assets we make for a product launch. The collabs with GD are some of our faves!

Sanuk grateful dead product launch
Sanuk logo in-use photo

Sanuk Logo Refresh

We modernized the Sanuk logo, trimming off its sharp edges and getting it cleaned up for the dance.

sanuk old vs new logo
Sanuk fall 2021 catalog image

Catalog Time

Each season gets a catalog that graphically explores its theme. This gives us a chance to experiment and play with the season’s graphics kits that we create.

Sanuk spring 2020 catalog image
Sanuk catalog grid
sanuk leaves pattern

Sanuk Brand Patterns

Various patterns we’ve created for use on products, advertising, marketing, and more.

“They poured their hearts into this endeavor, it totally shines through in the art. It has been a pleasure working with such an insanely talented and creative team! They are wonderful partners and have made a massive undertaking feel like an adventure.”

Brand Producer


TY Friends

Creative & Art Direction


Design & Illustration



Seth Gale
Eric Ahlstrom


Shaun Daley
Ben Werth
Adam Walker
Steve Hoskins
Josh Letchworth
Ian "Sunrise" Whitmore

Styling & Wardrobe

Kira Sheppard
Savanah Chonis
Lizzy Cheal